Online casino without SSN

As someone who enjoys gambling online, I was curious whether or not I need to give my Social Security Number (SSN) over to the casino. After all, you’re giving them your money and they’re holding it without handing it back. It’s reasonable to expect that they would need some form of identification before granting you access to their online casino, right?

There are online casinos which don’t require you to supply your Social Security Number in order for you to be able to gamble online. Some online casinos even offer online slots no deposit bonus codes that encourage new players to sign up with them. The online slots no deposit bonus is essentially free money given by the online casino when chasing online slots real money winnings.

How Do I Know If My SSN Is Required To Gamble Online?

If the online casino’s homepage features a popup or banner ad which asks you for your Social Security Number, then it will probably be mandatory to give them your information before you can bet online. At a bare minimum, online casinos require aonline slots no download is played. This online casino bonus can be used to play online casino games online or even online slots without having to input your Social Security Number.

This goes for most online casinos, but there are still some online casinos which do require you to enter your Social Security Number in order for you to fund your account and partake in online slots for real money . If you’re gambling online and the online casino prompts you to enter your Social Security Number, they may not be a scam – but they might not be legitimate either.

Why Would An Online Casino Ask Me For My SSN?

Your online casino may ask for your Social Security Number if they want to verify whether or not you are of legal online gambling age. Some online casinos don’t mind online slots no deposit if you’re not 18 years old, but they may not want to accept online casino free signup bonus if you aren’t of legal age to gamble online.

Other online casinos ask for your Social Security Number because they want to submit it to a third party you are of legal online slots real money gambling age. This is usually the case for online casinos which are based in the United States, whereas online casino players from other countries might not need to input their Social Security Number. Every online casino has its own policies, so make sure to read online slots reviews online before playing at an online casino you’re unfamiliar with.

Do online casinos which ask you for your Social Security Number cheat players?

Some online casinos might be trying to scam online slots no deposit bonus by asking the player to input their Social Security Number. However, a majority of online casinos ask for your Social Security Number as a way to verify online casino winnings taxes your identity.

In fact, online casinos which do ask for gambling age verification will sometimes give you a free online slot machine spins as a reward.

What Can I Do If My SSN Is Necessary?

If a site online casino is asking for a Social Security number, it may be a sign of trouble. An online casino that decides to operate without an online gambling license will need the player’s information in order to process payments. They don’t want you giving out your social security number or credit card info, though, so they’ll try and get you to play a game of “pretend” online gambling or ask for your number under the guise of something else.

In addition, there are online casinos that may decide to not pay out winnings because they don’t want you filing a complaint with any regulatory body. What they’ll do is allow you to wager online casino money free of charge, then ask you to wire in or deposit online casino funds that will never be given back.

If you’re looking online and see an online casino asking for your social security number, don’t do it. If they really need the information for online gambling purposes, they can get it via other means. The same goes for online casinos that only allow online gambling with a pre-paid debit card. They’re usually online casinos involved in money laundering online poker sites, online casino scams and online casino online poker rooms that never pay out what you win.

In addition to asking for your social security number or mailing address which can be used to get SSN information, both land based and online casinos will ask for your online gambling age. However, online gambling age is usually self-explanatory online casinos, online casino online poker rooms do not have to provide the actual date of birth to comply with US online gambling laws. This rule applies to land based casinos, too.

Furthermore, be wary of online casino sites that may require an online cashier deposit online casino online gambling funds. This is a sign of online casino online poker sites that have no online gambling license and will gut your online casino account without paying what you’ve won.

When playing online, do so at online casinos with reputable reputations, i.e.: AskGamblers, etc.